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Distance Healing

Distant healing works via the quantum field and is strengthened by expressing free will to be open and receive (absorb) the energies.
A treatment (session) can be carried out  anywhere.
When we arrange a meeting, I recommend that you go to a place where you can relax and be undisturbed. It is important that you lie down and have your eyes closed.
Before we begin, please state your free will to receive the energies and treatment. So when you lie down, you maybe want to cover with a light blanket.
Shortly before the agreed time of the treatment you say: It is my free will to receive this energy treatment from Martin and I open myself up to absorb and integrate the energies.
These energies will be for my greatest good and for the best possible support in my healing processes.
A treatment does not have a set time of duration, sometimes a session can last 33:33 minutes, for example, another treatment can last up to 60 minutes, this varies from person to person and the situation. The energy flows as long as it wants to flow and when the process is over, the flow of energy stops.
Before the treatment we talk to each other and we clarify whether there are points that need a special focus, so that we can both focus our awareness on a special function of the body or we wish to focus specialy on certain parts of the body.
Usualy, the person receiving the treatment feels the flow of energy  or notices heat or cool feelings, some people are feeling like tingling or soft electrical buzzing. Most people notice that after a short time they start feeling how the body relaxes and the mind calms. 
It is not uncommon for the receiving person to fall into a deep, restful sleep as a result of full relaxation. During the treatment, deep blockages are often loosened or cleared and accumulated energies begin to flow again. This effect continues about 3 days after the treatment.
It is also important to consume plenty of water after the treatment, this helps your body to detox and clear. Most of the time people feel really thirsty after a session and want to drink a larger amount of water immediately afterwards, so it is good if you prepare a large glass of water.

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