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About me:

My name was Martin Schmiderer, born and raised in Saalfelden, Austria.


My work as a holistic therapist is based on various techniques that I have learned in various trainings, as well as a technique which came to me as a "Download" where I work as a chanel and direct powerfull  energies and remove blockages in the energybody. 


I studied cranio sacral balancing at the Manus massage school in Saalfelden am Steinernem Meer, Austria, with Katherin Kleindorfer 2013/2014


I studied Ayuverda and Panchakarma in the Ayuverda and Panchakarma school in Kannur, Kerala in India, with Dr. Rajesh Deven and Dr Sapn in 2009,


I was trained in a technique called Russian energetics, in Peterskirchen, Austria with Brucki Spielvogel, in 2016.

During a session, I use these different techniques to achieve an optimal result for the person being treated. There is no strict procedure for a treatment, it is intuitive and individual for each person.

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