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About Martin Schmiderer

Martin Schmiderer bases his work on holistic therapies having acquired knowledge in various parts of the world by studying techniques such as;

Cranial Sacral Balance at the Manus Institute in Saalfelden am Steinernem Meer, Austria, with her teacher Katherine Kleindorfer in 2013,

Ayuverda and Panchakarma at Ayuverda and Panchakarma School in Kannur / Kerala in India, with Dr. Rajesh Deven and Dr. Sapna, in 2009,

Russian energy in the village of Peterskirchen in Austria with Brucki Spielvogel, in the year 2016.

During Ayuverda's studies in India, within his spiritual path, he awakened the sense of healing with his hands that intuitively and parallelly helps in his work with the Sacral Skull Balance and the other techniques studied.

He worked in the city of Saalfelden am Steinernem Meer in Austria and today, brought by love, he decided to disseminate his knowledge in Brazil through the application of his experience and learning.

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